Ariella’s Escape

Way to go, Carolee

Queen's end


*Fiction – Adventure – Adult *   Pages – 171 – Release – 2017

From the very beginning I was captivated by Ariella, Baroness of Leduryon.
Strong women are very much touted in today’s world, and this capable heroine of an imagined yesterday is a fierce warrior on the field, and a fierce lover in bed.

Sent on a diplomatic mission to Chaldea by Queen Esclairmonde of Dezearre, Ariella is a classy ambassador with a mighty sword. Upon her arrival, Ariella is greeted with a gift from King Acheron. His name is Demetrius. His handsome face, and fantastic body are outshone only by his pulsating and loving desire for Ariella. He is hers for the three nights of her visit.

Unfortunately, tragedy strikes after the first evening’s delicious encounter. After Ariella and Demetrius’  first passionate tryst together, diplomacy comes to an abrupt halt. Ariella and Demetrius are forced…

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Idernon of Lan Taria

  Idernon of Lan Taria; the Wise Warrior   Ah yes, the Wise Warrior. Such an enigmatic child he was, as many still remember, although they would, perhaps, use an alternative rendition; strange, outlandish, nutty, perhaps. Born in the same year as Fel’annár and Ramien, the three children became fast friends and all day long,... Continue Reading →

The Silvan Chronicles

©2017 R.K. Lander. All rights reserved   Preamble   My name is Marhené. I am a scribe, a chronicler, or as some would call me, fondly I hope, a meddling fool. Whether I truly am a fool, well, I admit to having called myself thusly on many occasions during my life. As to ‘meddling’, I... Continue Reading →

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