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The Silvan Book III Update #2

It’s coming to the end of October and there are exciting things going on with The Silvan. The very talented Will Musser is composing music for the series. To celebrate, I have […]

The Silvan Book III: Update #1

Mid August and I find myself at my writing desk once more. It’s SD1 stage (Shitty Draft 1). Many authors will agree with me that this is the most time-consuming […]

Path of a Novice Bonus Chapter

  This extract was originally a part of Path of a Novice, specifically a prologue which was edited out for pacing reasons. It remains a favourite to those that have […]

A Writer’s Moment of Glory

So did I ever think this would happen to me? Nah! Dream on, lovely. So I did, and it happened! I won’t say I don’t know how, because I do. […]

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