A land at war, a failing king, a light in the forest ...

His face would kindle love, garner hatred, inspire loyalty - bring persecution.

An immortal half-blood becomes a novice warrior and joins the ranks of the Silvans as they battle Sand Lords and Deviants. He only ever had one dream; to become a Silvan captain in an army commanded by the dominant Alpine elves, colonizers of the Great Forest. There had once been another dream though – to know who his father was, but years of unanswered questions later, he told himself it didn’t matter anymore.

Meanwhile, the powerful Alpine lords weave a story of racial superiority, relegating the native Silvans to second-class subjects. Village leaders, Spirit Warriors and Foresters are starting to rebel.

Fel’annár learns the true meaning of warrior hood when he travels as the only novice warrior in a multi-racial patrol into the Deep Forest. As he battles the enemy for the first time, a power unfolds, one he cannot control – does not want. While friendships are forged, a destiny begins to unravel, one that is tied to a past he knows nothing about. For others though, it is only a matter of time before the truth is revealed and the danger becomes real.

Can Fel’annár overcome his fears, become the warrior he always wanted to be, or will his dreams be stunted by his own shrouded past? By one elf’s lust for absolute power?

          A light in the forest, a king returned, a past to claim ...

Fel'annár is an immortal half-blood warrior from the Deep Forest, an orphan whose questions were never answered.

 With a dream of becoming a Silvan captain in an army ruled by the Alpine elves, he is sent to protect a prince of the realm on a journey to Tar'eastór, land of the mighty Alpine elves and of Fel'annár's own father - whoever he was.

His nascent powers continue to evolve while his shrouded past finally surfaces. The truth he never thought to hear will thrust him onto a path strewn with political intrigue, discrimination, self-discovery – and danger.

Meanwhile, a failing king will rise from the depths and reclaim his place as leader of the Great Forest. Warriors will battle the enemy on the borders, while at court, councillors will clash over the racial divide that is tearing them apart.

They say that civil war is coming, but one elf can avoid it - if he can embrace his past, control his powers and accept the role he is destined to play. From warrior to master and beyond, Fel'annár is The Silvan who can restore peace in the Great Forest, or cast it into eternal chaos.

Road of a Warrior is the second book in the epic fantasy series The Silvan, by R.K. Lander. If you’re looking for non-stop action and a story of family, friendship and valor, don’t miss out on this stunning second installment.

Dawn of a Legend
The Silvan Book III


A past to claim, a power to wield, a destiny to fulfil ...

To the enemy, Fel’annár is ahalf-blood bastard, but to the Silvan people, he is their  crownless warrior prince. Justreturned from battle in the mountains, he grieves for one who was lost. One strange death triggers a mystery Fel’annár and his company of chosen brothers must unravel, whilst the trees speak of a new enemy: a beautiful monster.

From a legendary warrior, Fel’annár will learn the ways of the Kal’hamén’Ar, Dance of Graceful Death, while he must face the disdain of another who struggles to accept this ‘ignoble son’  for who he is, not for what he represents. Fel’annár’s royal half-brother will reveal the plan to restore the Great Forest to its past splendour of multi-cultural harmony. But can Fel’annár come to understand what role he must play in it? What can one simple warrior do to stand up to a powerful enemy with a long arm? Can brothers put aside their resentment towards each other, for tearing their families apart? Can they learn to trust one another?

Danger lies in wait for an elf who is slowly coming to terms with his heritage, learning to wield a natural ability and accepting the nature of his unfolding destiny. Can family come together and accept the differences that lie between them? Can love prosper in the midst of hardship and battle as dark enemies converge on the Motherland? 

The greatest warriors of their time will come together once more - in the name of justice. In the name of love.