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R.K. Lander

Elven Worlds

o each elven world its god. To each of the gods their executing hands – the Shirán. Feared and revered, loved and despised, they carry out the will of gods, beyond the doorways between worlds.

But what is the purpose of immortality? Why must elves pass through the elven worlds in life or death? Is there an end to their journey? And if there is, what lies there?

Join High Master Dominie Sebhat on his quest for knowledge. Fly with the Shirán to battle against the revenant god Arzen. Theirs is the mission of protecting the elven worlds for long enough, time enough to understand the purpose of eternity. Only the end can reveal the purpose. But to get there, first, you must survive the journey.

What Reviewers are Saying.

“What can I say but that RK Lander has once again created a story that once started I found impossible to put down. An enthralling and emotional beginning to what certainly feels like an incredible new series. With a new world that is both compelling and detailed, characters both new and old, this first book grabs you from the very start. What happens to elves who take the Short Road? Where does their journey go next? Through action scenes to quiet moments, humour to heart-wrenching emotion, these questions and more are answered in a masterful and amazing story that I can’t recommend highly enough.” ★★★★★

“The storyline is totally absorbing from beginning to end. Brilliantly written, cannot wait for the next book to come out😊”

“I devoured this book in under a day. I don’t know how I’m going to manage to wait until the next book comes out!” ★★★★★

“The details and the emotions, of joy and pain, fury and love, rejection and acceptance. These are the makings of a beautiful story, one that brings you to tears and fills you with exhilaration. I am thrilled to have a chance to continue reading this story and will truly be sad and unsure of where to go and what to read next once this story is over. So far this has been a read I couldn’t put down and it is because the writer has seduced me into falling in love with the characters, causing me to want their story to persevere over the evil that would destroy them.” ★★★★★

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