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Silvan Outlands

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     The restless forest whispers to those who would listen.


Fel’annárs song was always sung amidst the clash of steel, his final note carried away on the winds of battle.

Following the events of Destiny of a Prince, the second world of Naz’arán lends Fel’annár a respite from war. It is a chance to embrace family long lost, and seek out the embers of a memory – the mother he never knew, the companions he’ll never forget.

Once a Listener, Fel’annár lost his connection to the ancient rhythms of the first elven world. Now, with life reborn, the voice of the forest beckons him in new ways, to the Damned Lands, shrouded by the mysteries of the Adak tribes. It is a whisper of discovery, a land fierce and unyielding, a challenge the one-time Silvan Warlord cannot ignore.

Amidst these untamed lands, the customs of the Adak are strange. Blessed with the gift of camouflage, fear is their advantage. Yet these fragmented tribes dispute their shared borders, know that for the dawn of unity to come, they must first become one people. The coming of Fel’annár of Lan Taria is the connexion they believe can achieve it, gather the splinters of discord between the Byren, Malis and Avax Adak, bring forth a future of shared sovereignty, and one day, the birth of a new, independent realm within Boscandia, one the Arcane call Adakia.

A powerful enemy to the Adakian cause lies in the shadows, weaving lies and manipulating minds, preparing the path for a new world, with a new order, one that does not contemplate the land of Adakia. Fel’annár’s coming is one more obstacle on the road towards absolute power, one that must be eliminated even before his coming in known.

All Fel’annár wants is a respite from the onus of war, a time the goddess Aria has granted him, for as long as the enemies of Elvendom are at bay.

It’s not forever, but few things are.

Together with the Lestari Llyniel and their young son, Talanor, they set out in search of family, friends, and brothers long lost to the price of war. But when danger crosses their path, they are emerged in the opposing tides of treachery, and territory, caught between the rights of a tribal people, the onslaught of a hidden enemy, and his own search for freedom and peace.

Can Fel’annár and his newfound allies triumph over the shadows that loom in Boscandia? Can his reunited Company kindle lost hope, and vanquish past grievances? Will the Hwind’atór find the answers to his eternal questions, hear them from the mother he never knew? Is there truly paradise at the end of his road, somewhere in this vast world of trees he can no longer hear?


The adventure starts in October, 2024.


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