Silvan Outlands | Epic Fantasy Author R.K. Lander
R.K. Lander

Silvan Outlands

About Silvan Outlands (The Silvan Saga)

The restless forest whispers to those who would listen.

Fel’annár’s song was always sung amidst the clash of steel, his final note carried away on the winds of battle.

Following the events of Destiny of a Prince, the second world of Naz’arán lends Fel’annár a respite from war. It is a chance to embrace family long lost, and seek out the embers of a memory – the mother he never knew, the companions he’ll never forget.

Once a Listener, Fel’annár lost his connection to the ancient rhythms of the first elven world. Now, with life reborn, the voice of the forest beckons him to a new land, a Damned Land, shrouded by the mysteries of the Adak tribes. It is a whisper of discovery, a land fierce and unyielding, a challenge no Silvan Listener could ignore.

Amidst these untamed lands, the customs of the Adak are strange. Their fragmented tribes thirst for a dawn of unity, one only Fel’annár can seize, unite the splinters of discord, and carve a future of sovereignty, shepherd a new kingdom where roots delve deep and crowns are woven from the living boughs.

Can Fel’annár triumph over the harrowing shadows of his own lineage to raise a new kingdom, kindle lost hope, vanquish past grievances and weave a new destiny for the arcane territories of the Damned, and bring forth the dawn of Adakia? Or will dissent and land wars silence the nascent realm’s freedom and unity for good?

Note From The Author

Silvan Outlands is a sequel to The Silvan, which you should read first. If you read Elven Worlds first, you can read The Silvan as a prequel, or continue on to Silvan Outlands.


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