Book 5 of The Silvan Saga Is Almost Here - Author R.K. Lander
R.K. Lander

Book 5 of The Silvan Saga Is Almost Here

An author update for you – at last!

It’s been a while folks. Not that I’ve been distracted from writing. Despite the COVID crisis, I have been squirrelling away in my writing hut, and have somehow managed to create a massive doorstep of a fifth instalment of The Silvan Saga. I know epic fantasy series are supposed to be long, but honestly?

What have I done?

Well, for one, I’ve missed my deadline. I know you were all hoping for a an epic read in December, but I just can’t pull it off. At a ridiculous 216K (and counting), it was too much for a Christmas release. But January … This is my new goal.

I’m fifty pages away from my final draft, just a few days away from editing, and then proofing, and once my Advance Readers get their hands on it, we’ll be two weeks away. Meng in Singapore, Andrea in Washington, yours truly in Spain – this has been quite a spectacular ride, and quite a different one to book four. I wonder what you’ll think about that.

So what can you expect to read in book five? Well, here’s the blurb …

With a kingdom to rebuild, Thargodén must call on all his allies to commence the Restoration. With his army shattered and his people slowly coming to terms with the errors of the past, trust must be earned.

Fel’annár and his brothers have very different jobs to fulfil. One is heir to the throne, the other is destined to restructure the politics of a multi-racial land, while Fel’annár must create his own army and rally his people behind the king.

But the Evergreen Wood calls to Fel’annár and he begins to question the true nature of his duty to Aria. Do his answers lie in the forbidden Evergreen Wood?

Similarly, Thargodén searches for the reasons why his father never told him of his plan to unite him with his Silvan love, despite Band’orán’s treachery.

Meanwhile, a commander strives for atonement, while a princess returns home. One prince finds love while another struggles to accept the hardships of his troubled past.

But time is running out as the Nim’uán approaches the Xeric Wood and the king’s new army must ride out to meet it. Fel’annár travels north, through the Wetwood and to Abiren’á, his ancestral home.

But what will he find there besides war? What will those lands tell him about the nature of his duty to Aria? About his own nature and the true destiny that awaits him?

See? I told you it was going to be long! 

On a different note, what do you think of my shiny new website? I just love it. Let’s hear it for Dawn and Crystal at Austin Design Works. I also want to thank the incredible Olena Vecchio Pittura for the fantastic banner illustrations. Oh, and I’ve added a few trailers you might like to take a look at. Trailer for Path of a NoviceTrailer for Road of a Warrior.

I promise to keep you posted in the coming weeks but for now, I am locking myself inside my hut once more. Best wishes for the coming new year. I hope the powers above can get it together and make it a better one. I mean how could it possibly be worse – right?


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