The Silvan Saga | Epic Fantasy Author R.K. Lander
R.K. Lander

The Silvan Saga

A land at war. A failing king. A light in the forest.

The Great Forest Belt is home to the Silvan elves of Bel’arán. But centuries ago, a powerful Alpine warrior lord came from cross the Median Mountains, from the Motherland Tar’eastór, and claimed the land as his own.

The first, great king Or’Talan slowly earned the trust and loyalty of the Silvans, despite having colonised their forest. But treachery begins to stir in the heart of the realm, a slow poisoning by those who would wield power for themselves. Lies and half-truths lead to a land that is falling into conflict. Silvans are pitted against Alpines and are slowly losing their battle. Discrimination becomes the new norm, and the people are starting to rebel. With a king battling with grief, those who conspire against him are gaining the upper hand.

Meanwhile, an aspiring warrior, half Silvan half Alpine has resigned himself to never knowing who his parents were. With the dream of becoming a captain in the king’s Alpine-dominated army, he sets out to recruitment training with his two friends and the path of a novice begins.

From the Deep Forest of the Silvans to the mountain home of the Alpine elves, Fel’annár learns of warfare with Deviants and Sand Lords.But so too does he learn of the two sides to himself.

On the eve of a skirmish in the woods, a strange, new ability manifests itself for the first time. Frightened, Fel’annár turns to the enigmatic Spirit Warrior Lainon for answers. But he has none, and as his new powers slowly unfold, Fel’annár accidentally discovers his identity. With his world crumbling around him, armed only with the friendships forged amongst The Company and his Spirit Warrior mentor, Fel’annár must face the weight of his heritage, the implications of his return to the forest.

A gifted warrior, Fel’annár does not escape the notice of two legendary warriors, Masters of the Kah. One would take him as a Disciple while the other would spite him for who he is and the memories he evokes.

On a mission into the mountains, tragedy strikes, but with it comes the next part of the puzzle that surrounds Fel’annár’s existence. As his powers continue to build, a dark enemy converges on the Motherland and the battle for Tar’eastór begins.

Can friendship overcome the hurt caused by years of silence and lies? Can Fel’annár continue on his path towards leadership? Will he learn to control his abilities and embrace the ways of the Kah Warrior? Or will his enemies find him before he can return to the forest before he can unite its people?

But what awaits Fel’annár and The Company in the Great Forest? The land is in chaos, under the rule of a king who is struggling to keep his people together. Hatred favours the enemy and it is time to move on the throne at last.

Can Fel’annár survive the journey home? Can he stop the enemy from taking the throne and enslaving his people? They say civil war is coming, but one elf can stop it – if he can return and become the Warlord he was destined to be.

What amazon reviewers are saying …

“The story of an elf of Alpine and Silvan descent. The struggles of a young man trying to find his own identity in a world of prejudice and social casts. Excellent writing and character building.” ★★★★★

“This series is a must-read for fantasy fans! It is written with a style that is more reminiscent of Tolkien than many of the more modern fantasy stories.” ★★★★★

“This story is a wonderful saga about a young elf and his epic journey from a simple boy with dreams of becoming a warrior, to champion of his people and uniting their races against their enemies. It is a delight to read and destined to become a classic tale in the genre.” ★★★★★

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