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Destiny of a Prince. The Silvan Saga is Almost Over...

Destiny of a Prince Update

OK I’m late. I’m sorry.

It’s taken me a year to publish each book in this epic fantasy series, but Destiny of a Prince will take just a little longer.

I never expected the series to get so complicated, seriously. But it did. The plot twists and turns, the mysteries I managed to create and now need to solve. There are a serious number of plot threads and I don’t want to miss any of them, firstly because – well – no. Secondly, some of you guys know this story better than I do. The members of The Company, my inner circle, will remember the amount of times I’ve asked a question – about my own book!. It’s sad, but it’s a fact I have to live with.

Point being, I am still crafting the book, which means we may still be three months out. Not so bad, I suppose, save that when I think that this book is at least as long as Rise, well, three months sounds like a hundred-metre sprint. 220K and still counting.

So what’s the goal? Well, the draft will be finished before our annual Q&A, which is programmed for 28th May. I’ll confirm the time at a later date, but you can now join the event and ask your questions.

About Destiny of a Prince

The last book in The Silvan Saga was always going to be difficult, and for many reasons.

This is the story that encouraged me to write. This is the story I felt so passionately about, the one I wanted to read myself. Now, it’s almost over and I find myself thinking about the future, about another series and whether I can bring myself to completely leave this world I have created and will never forget.

You already know from Rise of the Silvan, that our heroes are returning home, not to peace but to the final battle against the Nim’uán. But with a decimated army and the Motherland too far away to help, the odds are firmly against victory. But come on, you already knew that right? I don’t make it easy for The Company, and especially not for Fel’annár.

I hope to have the final book blurb ready in a couple of weeks, which will reveal a few more details about what’s to come.

Destiny of a Prince Q&A

I’ll be doing a Facebook live on Saturday 28th May. The time needs working out so that I can see all my readers, from the UK to Europe, Australasia, Asia and the USA. That’s not easy, let me tell you. So if you follow my Facebook page @rklwrites, you’ll get an update and of course, an invitation to join the event. You can ask questions on the last book, or the entire series if you like. I’ll be giving away ebooks, paperbacks and audiobooks, but more importantly, it’s my one-in-a-year’s chance to hang out with readers from around the globe.

Join the event here:

On an entirely different note, Rise of the Silvan has hit 1,000 reviews on Amazon. It’s nuts! And it’s average rating is up there at 8.3. To celebrate, I’m giving away a signed and dedicated paperback. Here’s how to participate:

Make sure you follow my Facebook page
The OfficialR.K. Lander Facebook Group

Drop me a line with the subject line “sign me up for the prize draw”

Shedquarters Update
After two long years stuck at home for the most part, 2022 marks a return to some sort of normalcy. I’ve booked myself in for the 20Books Vegas 2022 convention, and the Self Publishing Show Live in London. Now, all I need is a passport… ehem. (see below)

Some of you already know that I have two new doggies. Bella, a three-year-old Andalusian Podenco, is a gentle soul that loves chewing my shoes. She ate an entire sandal actually, then spent the next few days “expelling” it. Here is a full list of her achievements so far…

This is Gracie. I was told she was two, but the vet at the shelter must have overslept that morning. She is, in fact, a puppy. That is, she’s not even one. Woe is me!!! I didn’t want a puppy. I don’t have the patience and I don’t need the distraction. But of course I fell in love with her and can’t / won’t take her back. Besides, Gracie and Bella get on so well together.

So it’s back to work for me and the final push towards “the end.” I’ll be hard at work for the next month but as always, I love to hear from you guys.

Take care, and I hope to see you signing up for the prize draw and the Q&A.

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