Not all elves live in harmony.

Ea Uaré, the Great Forest of the Silvans, was colonized by the mighty Alpine elves – masters of battle and lore. Both races lived in harmony, under the rule of the first great king Or’Talán, until one elf’s lust for power pulls them apart, forcing the king to take a decision that turns the Silvans against him. The powerful Alpine lords take control of the land and the military, while the Silvans strive to maintain their rightful place in the forest. Treachery is easy when a king is weakened by grief.

Fifty-two years later, a young, half-blood elf leaves home for military training. His only dream is to be a Silvan captain in an army ruled by Alpines. He knows nothing of politics and power, of treachery and treason; he knows nothing of his dead mother, save that she was Silvan and of his Alpine father – no one speaks.

Fel’annár embarks upon a journey of discovery; of friendship and hardship, of a power he does not understand and a family he never knew. Faith wars with reason while a plan is set into motion, a plan to free the Silvans of their discrimination, a plan to rid the Great Forest of those who seek to take power at whatever cost.

The greatest warriors and princes of their time will come together, in the name of justice; in the name of love.


Path of a Novice: The Silvan Book I

Fel'annár steps onto the Path of a Novice, embarking on a journey to military training and ultimately to the unravelling of his own shrouded past. The search for family, for truth, the awakening of a strange power he cannot wield, cannot understand. Fel'annár must come to terms with his own past, and a future he cannot yet comprehend.

Road of a Warrior: The Silvan Book II

Fel'annár will take the Road of a Warrior, travelling on a mission to protect a prince of the realm. The Silvans begin to rebel against their discrimination whilst the powerful Lord Band'orán plots treason. The truth is finally revealed while Fel'annár's powers of perception continue to grow. Legendary Alpine warriors are reminded of past glory, while The Company close ranks around their young leader.

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