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R.K. Lander


I only ever read fantasy and science fiction as a kid. Why? That was my father’s fault, I suppose. I read his chewed up books by Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury, and although I love the classics and have read my fair share – I always come back to fantasy.

It was later in life that I read Lord of the Rings. I loved it but I was left wondering about immortality, about what it would be like to live so long. Ok yes, I mean it would be great, but specifically, would such beings really be so angelic? So cold and dispassionate? Flighty and unconcerned with the trials of others as not only the book but the films portray? I beg to differ.

That was how I first came up with the idea of The Silvan. I wanted to read a story about real elves, about how they live, suffer and die. How they would think, what social structure they would have, what political regime they would have. The quickest way to find that story – was to write it.

The Silvan is a series that deals with the life and times of Fel’annár, Green Sun. A Young Adult story in the epic / military fantasy genre. I say Young Adult but the truth is, I find I have readers of all ages and as for me, well I am not exactly a young adult.

When I’m not writing, you can find me in the kitchen, in the garden, or aping around with my dogs. I also ape around on social media and I’d love to see you there, but please feel free to contact me by mail too, or maybe on Goodreads. I love connecting with readers.

If you feel like participating more actively, join my Official R.K.Lander Facebook group. I’m often lurking there, and when I’m busy writing, my beta team are always there to help. I look forward to meeting you!

Best wishes.


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