R.K.Lander (1)I only ever read fantasy and science fiction as a kid. Why? That was my father’s fault, I suppose. I read his chewed up books by Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury, and although I love the classics and have read my fair share – I always come back to fantasy.

It was later in life that I read Lord of the Rings. I loved it but I was left wondering about immortality, about what it would be like to live so long. Ok yes, I mean it would be great, but specifically, would such beings really be so angelic? So cold and dispassionate? Flighty and unconcerned with the trials of others? I beg to differ.

That was how I first came up with the idea of The Silvan. I wanted to read a story about real elves, about how they live, suffer and die. How they would think, what social structure they would have, what political regime they would have. The quickest way to find that story – was to write it.

The Silvan is a trilogy that deals with the life and times of Fel’annĂ¡r, Green Sun. A Young Adult novel in the epic fantasy genre. You can find more information on the dedicated page here.

I sincerely hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

If you did enjoy it, please consider signing up for my email list. That way, you’ll be the first to know when something new comes out. I will also be sending some freebies such as extra chapters, character profiles and sneak peeks of the second instalment, Road of a Warrior.

Best wishes.


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  1. Absolutely loved this book !!
    Sorry to hear about the ups and downs in the last three months.
    Thank you for an epic tale filled with magical and mythic might of the elven realm.

    Well Done!!

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    1. I am delighted you enjoyed it Brian. There is an updated version coming out in a few days which I would love to send you. Apart from fixing a few typos, chapter one is a complete rewrite. Book two will hopefully not be long coming. If you would like a complementary copy of this new edition, please let me know where you would like me to send it.
      Kind regards.


      1. Awesome ! I’ve read this twice now, and just before the new book comes out I’ll re-read it again to find new tid bits I missed. When your close to a release date, please let me know. I would love to buy this new edition from you. Will you eventually do a book signing, or can I request a specially signed edition. Anyway thank you so much for the reply, very cool !!

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  2. I see that you signed up, so as soon as the new edition is up, I will definitely let you know. The cover will also be changing although that won’t happen till around xmas.
    I really look forward to hearing your feedback on it.
    As for a signed copy, I would be very happy to oblige, although might I suggest you wait for the new cover?


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