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Dawn of a Legend Pre-release


It’s pre-release day!!

I can’t believe the time has finally come to release this into the wide world. You can’t read it just yet but there are only EIGHT DAYS TO GO!!ย 

Feedback from my amazing team of Advanced Copy readers has been just wonderful and I am dying to hear what you think about Fel’annรกr’s new adventure. But before we get to that stage, I have to knock this show into shape, and that’s not easy!!

So my categories on Amazon are all over the place and it’s Sunday, which means I can’t speak to anyone, and I need to speak to someone because the person that emailed me doesn’t understand me – and I don’t understand him. Blimey.

I am also waiting to get my print cover back from the designers, which should happen tomorrow so that I can get that soft cover produced and uploaded. Can’t sign books if I don’t have any to sign right? Not that I have any book signings – but I will, I will …

So if you want to rush out and order your copy today you can do that on all the major retailers. Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Apple … wherever you’re most comfortable. I just hope that when the time comes and you have it, that you enjoy it, and that perhaps you will tell me that you did.

You know when I think back over this last year, of those cold mornings at 05:30, writing in pyjamas with a dog on my lap and my tea station on overload – it’s like releasing something precious into the world – something I put my heart into. But I know I can’t protect it, because once it’s out there it is no longer just mine. Where the Hell is my tissue box … and don’t anyone dare give me a one-star review!! LOL.

So that’s me on a pre-release Sunday. Hopefully next week, I can share some great stats with you.

Have a wonderful week.





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5 years ago

๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ So so excited!! Take all the time you need to get in those lovely details. And none of your books deserve a one star at all

5 years ago

Its a mixed bag when your baby grows up … your anxious but proud knowing all the hard work you put in was worth it … one star reviews can only hurt if it comes from someone who matters .. morons don’t count .. always believe in yourself .. that is your power

5 years ago
Reply to  R.K.

I dont think its they think you or any author are a moron, i dont think its personal, its that they just dont like the story for whatever reason and no author can be responsible for what people choose to read, the knee jerk reaction is to give a bad review or 1 star, makes them feel like they have validated their opinion .. yes it would be disappointing but the positives for far outweigh the negative and no matter what you do in life you will never please everyone .. there are always misery moles out there … you have proven beyond all doubt how good your work is

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