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Map of Naz’arán
Artist: J.L. Taboada Visso

Artist’s Visions of Ea Uaré




Ea Uaré, by Will Musser

There is nothing serene about these forests. They are wild and diverse, dangerous and beautiful, just like those who inhabit it.

Tar’eastór, by Will Musser

The motherland, mountain home of the mighty Alpine elves. Masters of lore and healing, glorious warriors of the Kal’hamén’Ar.


Map of Bel’arán

Full-size map of Bel’arán

Follow The Company on their journeys through Bel’arán. From Ea Uaré and Thargodén’s fortress, into the Deep Forest. To Tar’eastór and the northern lands. To Pelagia and the treacherous cliffs of the Glistening Caves.

Map of Naz’arán

Northern Naz’arán

Follow Feldar and the Shirán from Estuary to Origenta, and south, past Xiondar, Boscandia, Fort Arlys and beyond.

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