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Dawn of a Legend Launch Party

Dawn of a Legend is on its way and this is how we celebrated. 

I’d never organized a Cosplay party before, but I’ll certainly be doing it again. Seeing my garden full of elves – and me being sober – was quite a breath-taker. I mean, take a look.


With a quick welcome speech and then plenty of Bucks Fizz and Piña Colada, the activities began. The weather was just amazing, and candles and torches were blazing, adding to an already amazing atmosphere.

Jesus got the show rolling with his fire juggling.


I have to say I did find some burnt wig hair on the lawn the next morning …

The warriors of Asociación Fénix then went on to teach us how to defend ourselves against the wicked Deviants. This is one of the better results …

I knew Sofia was a bookshop owner, but an elven warrior? Blimey.

And then came the dancing, to the beautiful Prayer, by Rolf Loveland. I think this might be Aria, come to celebrate the Dawn of a Legend.


And then a Deviant came and scared the wits out of everyone. Finally over the fright, I signed a few books. (Ever seen an elf wearing glasses?) We also judged the best costume, with the prize going to Micu and Antonio.



I was so pleased with the evening and I can’t wait to finish book four, just so that I can do it all again! For now though, it is a slow descent into concentration, planning, and the Rise of a Warlord.

Thanks for reading.

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Marilyn Wilkinson
Marilyn Wilkinson
4 years ago

Looks as though a great time was had by all. So looking forward to book 4.

Laura Freestone
Laura Freestone
4 years ago

Looks like it was a blast. Don’t worry I still have my copy to read!

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