Audiobook Pre-release. Dawn of a Legend is Coming. - Author R.K. Lander
R.K. Lander

Audiobook Pre-release. Dawn of a Legend is Coming.

Dawn of a Legend audiobook by R.K. LanderDawn of a Legend Audiobook is now available on pre-release from Amazon. And that was quick. Unfortunately, this time round, I didn’t get to speak to my narrator, hell I wasn’t even in the loop. 

Luckily, reviews on Audible are still at 4.8 and 4.9 for Path and Road, so I am only slightly concerned that Daniel has the female voices as they should be. That was my main concern for book one, and book three does have two female characters. Tensari and Llyniel hit the scene and I can’t wait to hear them. I just need to stay positive and trust they’re gonna sound great.

One voice I always really liked was Pan’assár. So haughty and utterly Alpine, and I’m wondering now, what voice Daniel is going to conjure for Lords Sulen and Ras’dán. I’d love a Christopher Lee-type arch-baddie vibe, but I’m gonna have to wait to find out.

How about you? Which voices did you love? Which ones did you hate? 



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Charity. Pearl Greenleaf
Charity. Pearl Greenleaf
5 years ago

I liked Fel’annár’s voice. I think he did really good with him. Amareth, ehh. Narosén’s I didn’t really like but in my opinion he did really good with the most of the voicing. 😊

4 years ago

Dear Author,

I love the new web page, it looks stunning! It is now added to my favorites to check on updates and follow news. However I write today to give my feedback on your 3th book. I was very happy that the audio book release was earlier available than the date you told me a couple of months ago in a reply on my post. While listening for a couple of hours I did had the feeling that the story wasn’t really picked up as fast as in the other two books. It didn’t annoy me that much, just a tiny bit because I just love the feeling of wanting to keep reading/listening and having this huge anticipation about what is to happen, like a kid that can’t wait for his/her birthday. Another point of feedback is that between the tiny forest fight and the last fight (trying not to type spoilers here) that for me it was to predictable that they would happen. I would have liked a bit more storytelling between the two fights, to lessen the predictability of knowing something is to happen. Eventhough I am still a huge fan and ending up buying all the books. I just want them in my bookshelf. And as for your question about the voice, I do like them all and I think Daniel did a great job for Tansari and Llyniel. Love to have two strong female characters presented in the story. Can’t wait for the next book! Happy writing 🙂

R.K.’s audiobooks are also available at all major retailers.