Dawn of Adakia - Author R.K. Lander
R.K. Lander

Dawn of Adakia

Book 1: Silvan Outlands

About the Book

The Long-Awaited Sequel to The Silvan, Coming October 2024

With the turmoil of battle behind him, Fel’annár sets out on a new mission in the second elven world of Naz’arán. This time, it’s not war that awaits, but the search for a home, for family, and The Company, wherever they are.

Together with his wife and young son, the ex-Warlord of Ea Uaré journeys south-east, and to the forest world of Boscandia, But it soon becomes apparent that the affairs of those arboreal territories are not as peaceful as he had hoped.

In the heart of the thick woodlands, tribal strife threatens to engulf the troubled domain of King Uwendo. But the forests of Boscandia whisper ancient oaths to their once-lord, beckoning Fel’annár to the beating heart of the conflict—The Damned Lands. Here, the Byren, Malis, and Avax tribes lock in an endless dance of war. Amidst the chaos, can Fel’annár forge unity and secure a future for his family?

Peace often commands the highest toll. Will the bonds of blood and battle be enough to mend a world divided? A world to which Fel’annár knows he belongs? The answer lies within the Dawn of Adakia.

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The Details

Published: Before March, 2025
Formats: EbookPaperbackAudiobook

Genres & Tropes
Epic fantasy, sword and sorcery, action and adventure, classic fantasy, chosen one