Path of a Novice

A land at war, a failing king, a light in the forest …

Bel’arán, land of mortals, immortals, and those that dwell in between. The elven forest realm of Ea Uaré is threatened by ruthless Sand Lords seeking water, and the undead Deviants who crave the mindless destruction of elves.

The powerful Alpine lords strive to dominate the leaderless native Silvans through power games, leaving in their wake a bereft king, assailed by grief and a family unable to forgive him.

As the king drifts in endless sorrow, the forest people are loosing their identity. Discriminated and belittled, they are the warriors but the Alpine lords are their commanders – until a child is born to the Deep Woods – an elf with the face of an Alpine and the heart of a Silvan, an orphan whose only dream is to dare become a Silvan captain in a world dominated by Alpines – Fel’annár, Green Sun.

A born warrior, to his friends, Fel’annár becomes Hwind’atór, the Whirling Warrior. He steps now, upon the path of a novice, one marked by adventure, hardship and self-discovery.

But destiny will not be ignored, and Fel’annár is confronted with the truth of his own abilities and the mystery of his past, one shrouded in sorrow and intrigue – one that may change the course of history.

From child to novice warrior and beyond, Fel’annár is, The Silvan.

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Editorial reviews:

Inspired by Tolkien lore, comes an Epic of family, destiny, and the rediscovery of both.

R.K. Lander’s The Silvan: Book I masterfully transports readers into the world of Bela’rán, an ageless land of immortal Elves and abominable monsters — some of whom are in fact Elves themselves.

Such is the story of the Silvan, Fel’annár, a would-be warrior whose unknown heritage makes him the mockery of the Tar’eastór, Alpine Elves whose prejudice against Silvans allows Lander to weave a tale that is both timeless for the genre and terribly relevant to today’s headlines.

Fel’annár’s journey from boy-Elf to novice soldier to hero-in-the-making includes every element one might expect of a J.R.R. Tolkien tale — rich, evocate descriptions of mythical lands, emotion-cultivating dialogue, and subtle nods to dark secrets that cast a foreboding shadow of impending doom upon flawed protagonists. If only they saw it coming!

The reader who finds her- or himself mesmerized by the High Fantasy genre and all the magic, mystery, and monsters that come with it would do well to devote a few hours to immersing their minds into Lander’s land of Bela’rán and the Silvan Fel’annár’s adventure to find his family and uncover his destiny.

Allow R. K. Lander’s pen to guide you on a trek to rediscover the beauty of and horror that befell the legendary Elven dwellings of Mirkwood and Lothlórien in familiar Tolkien masterpieces.

The Silvan: Book I is the first bookend of a charming series in which readers young and old alike cannot help but find themselves — and their imaginations —happily lost.

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Path of a Novice, book 1 of The Silvan Trilogy is a stunning masterpiece of fantasy adventure writing. 

The author, R.K. Lander, effortlessly transports the reader into the fascinating, colourful & evocative universe of Bel’arán, where elves & mortals dwell together in discordant, dissident harmony.

The reader is adroitly pulled in, eagerly following the exciting & thrilling exploits of Fel’annar, the precocious elvish warrior-to-be whose path tosses him headlong into a huge, boiling cauldron of intrigue even as he is stretched to the utmost in the epic clashes between good and evil.

Surprisingly relevant issues of this day are deftly incorporated into masterfully weaved tapestries of this extraordinary adventure series, leaving the reader hooked & looking for more.

Path of a Novice is a superb must-read for any one who loves a good adventure story. If you only have time to read one book this year, it has to be this one!

– M.Y. Leigh

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