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Audiobook Coming Soon!

Path of A Novice Audiobook in Production.

We are all set, finally! and the big day is 12th February, 2019. Path of a Novice will be an audiobook, narrated by the amazing Daniel Thomas May.

Check out the basics here…

I honestly can’t wait to hear my book read by Daniel. I’ll probably cry but who cares? I’m not sure how long after release date that Amazon will link it to my books but I will be keeping you posted, just in case you want to add it to your wish lists.

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The question now is, how am I going to get from now ’till then without going bonkers? Easy; I’m finally approaching the end of SD1 (Shitty Draft 1) which is a huge milestone for book three, Dawn of a Legend. That will keep me busy and distracted. Wait, does this mean I have to throw another party?

I know I will, and you’re all invited. Fingers crossed this narrated version will be as beautiful as I think Daniel can make it.

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Audiobook Coming Soon! — via R.K. Lander – The Write Nook
5 years ago

[…] via Audiobook Coming Soon! — […]

Carolee Croft
Carolee Croft
5 years ago

Exciting! I hope another party is in the works… 🙂

Tim Carter
Tim Carter
5 years ago

I am ready for both audiobooks!

5 years ago

Loved the audiobook! Character names are a bit confusing and took me a while to get used to, however I can’t wait until the next book is available as audio book!!!

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