Art Work

You might be wondering who is responsible for the amazing artwork for The Silvan. Well, if so, please check out the wonderful



The amazing covers were created using Kappriss’ creations by the wonderful:


The map was hand drawn by the amazing:


About Fel’annar: It really is difficult to get to describe your main character to an artist who has not read the book. I have tried so many times, believe me. I love this face though.

Some people have told me he looks like a woman. Well, ok, as far as I am concerned, my immortals are androgynous – it’s the way I like them 🙂 One friend actually said to me that he looks like he’s had a botox job on his lips, LOL. I don’t care – I love him. He looks young and lovely, yet there is an intensity in his eyes that just makes him, well, Fel’annár.




About the map. What a fantastic job Hector did. If you zoom in, you can see all those trees, each one hand drawn. Look at the detail! I can’t tell you how happy I am with it.

Now I’ll have to write stories so that I can include all those places that don’t figure in the books just yet. Darn it.