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Tolkien’s Angels: A question of belief

Guest post on Carolee Croft’s great blog.


    • Aww 🙂 I can’t think that my views would be very interesting to any one.

      I do remember when I first started posting fanfic in ’07, there was a definite cadre who were very heavily into Elves as angelic, sexless, or sex only in the most proscribed and saccharine of ways. It made for the most boring fic imaginable, but I suppose it kept that happy. Anything else was almost sinful, as if you traduced Tolkien’s memory and committed a crime, lol. But I honestly could not write something I did not believe in 🙂

  1. Thanks for the wonderful guest post, R.K. I really enjoyed it. I forgot to tell you I lived in Oxford for a few months, and I read up on the Inklings while I was there. They’re definitely an interesting bunch. In some ways, Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were so ahead of their time, but in others, they were these stodgy old professors, very conservative. C.S. Lewis was even worse than Tolkien when it came to gender issues. But anyhow, I still absolutely love Tolkien’s mythology despite the sexually frigid elves 😉 Glad he didn’t put that part into the actual LOTR trilogy though I guess it’s implied.

    Anyway, this makes me really curious to read your novel!

    • You’re very welcome.
      I think the LOTR elves are very frigid, it’s only really Arwen that gets the hots and she’s the one giving up her immortality just to get a bit! Honestly, after thousands of years experience as a beautiful female. Poor soul! LOL? Luckily, there are authors out there that fill the gaps.

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