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Secret no more!


Ramien, Wall of Stone

So I decided to go live with my alter ego and reveal the secret. I suppose I never felt confident enough about my own writing to own up to the fact that I was writing a fantasy novel. Nothing new there, right? So why now? Well, I have some wonderful friends, especially Leggyrespect, who have been telling me until they were blue in the face – you are a good writer  – you can publish this! Teetering on the border of believing it, I got news from my editor yesterday that was really encouraging – so much that I decided to just go with this – nothing to lose, everything to gain.

So please follow me here, and on Facebook. I’ll keep you posted on all the exciting news, and will even be asking you to vote for your favourite book cover 🙂

Welcome to R.K.Lander, home of The Silvan.


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